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A Boston Architectural Design Firm

Boston-Architect is comprised of experienced residential architects and can assist you in all your home design and renovations needs. Boston Architect’s fees are very affordable, extremely competitive and fixed prior to the start of work so you know the cost before Boston Architect starts any work.

Boston-Architect offers a free initial consultation and a clearly written proposal you can understand at the beginning of every design project. Boston Architect is friendly, fast and efficient with most design projects ready for permitting within 4-6 weeks and can fast track a design project sooner depending on the size and complexity.

Boston-Architect is Aesthetic Images and has been involved with residential design for more than 30 years. Boston Architect has designed residential architecture from small additions to single family homes to multi-family buildings.

By working with Boston-Architect, you can control the look of your home, quality of the construction and cost of your renovation.