Home Building and Renovation: Architect vs. Building Designer

Are you going to build your dream home or conduct a major home renovation? Then you may be on the fence between hiring an architect and hiring a building designer for the plans of your new and improved home. There are major differences between these two professions. Depending on the type of project you’re considering, one of these professionals may better meet your needs. In this blog, we’ll review why a Boston architect may be more qualified to handle your project plans.

Each state in the United States has different laws on the certifications and licenses an architect needs to obtain. Some common requirements for an architect to become certified include education, experience (internship) and testing. The test is usually taken to earn a professional license. In Massachusetts, the Office Consumer Affairs and Business Regulations (OCABR) handles all architectural licenses. It is not always a requirement for a building designer to achieve the same level of certification as an architect.

Size of Your Project
Typically, an architect handles larger projects. If you’re looking to design a whole new home or make significant renovations to your existing home, a Boston architect is probably the avenue you’ll want to pursue. Building designers are probably suitable in a situation where you are only remodeling portions of an existing home. An architect will have the time and skill to design architectural designs for more intense projects.

Creative Style
Usually, an architect will be more creative when producing a design for a project. They are able to take into consideration what the customer wants and needs, but design something even better. If you are just looking for a literal translation of your ideas to paper, a building designer may be able to do the job. But, if you’re looking for someone to take your ideas and turn them into something beyond your wildest dreams, an architect can handle the request. Architects are typically trying to push the boundaries and limits of current design.

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