Qualities of Good Architectural Design

When you are thinking about remodeling your current home or building a new one, there are several things you need to consider when choosing your architect. We here at Boston Architect, an architectural design firm serving North Andover, have a few suggestions for you about how to spot a good architect and architectural design when you see them.

Open-minded and Bold

A good architect will be open-minded to your ideas and dreams. He will come up with an architectural design that will mirror your wishes, but he will also be realistic about what can actually be built! The architectural design itself should be bold too, as in, it should wow you and impress you. You should be excited about the design, not feeling iffy or wondering if you will be happy with it in the long run.

Detail-oriented and Creative

A good architect will pay attention to the details of your project and his design. Sure, the big picture is nice to look at, but what about all of the “little” stuff and the fine tuning that goes into the architectural design? And you don’t want the same old hum-drum design either. Your architect should be creative and willing to think outside of the box, like the ones here at Boston Architect. The design should be unique but not too over the top either.

Eco-friendly and Knowledgeable

In this day and age, people are paying attention the environment and Mother Earth now more than ever. So your architectural design should be a reflection of that. Your architect should design a space that is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Plus, this could save you money on utilities in the long run, so your wallet will thank you too!

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