Boston Architecture Firm

Boston is one of our nation’s most historically significant cities, stemming from the fact it’s been occupied for centuries. Because of the city’s age, many different building styles are present from different eras. Boston architecture is not limited to one style but is, instead, represented by many different styles, including:

  • Post-Medieval
  • Georgian
  • Federal Style
  • Revival Style
  • Beaux Arts Classicism
  • Art Deco
  • Mid-century Modernism
  • Brutalism

Boston Architect appreciates Boston’s fine architectural history, and we enjoy incorporating designs – old and new – into each one of our projects. Boston architecture doesn’t have to be about the past; after all, we love building something based on modern concepts just as much.

If you’re looking to design a new home or renovate your existing one, contact Boston Architect by calling 617.323.4955. You can also request a free Boston architecture quote by filling out our online form.