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Boston-Architect offers several different new home design styles for Boston and the surrounding areas. Call us today to find out how we can help with constructing a new home for you, from designing it through getting the necessary permits to begin building through helping you hire the best contractors for the job. We can even be the liaison between you and your contractors in case there are any design or construction issues that happen during the construction process.

New Home Design Styles We Offer

Our new home design styles include:

Boston Design Styles
Colonial: These types of homes are reminiscent of the Colonial period of American history. They are common throughout New England and are a classic and traditional type of home.
Georgian: You can find Georgian style homes throughout New England as well. You will generally find these homes to have a chimney on one or both sides of the home, as well as a portico in the middle of the roof with a window in the middle.
Federal Style: Similar to Georgian but Federal Style will generally be a bit plainer with more details in friezes and other parts of the home’s exterior.
Victorian: These types of homes are generally three stories (although not always), and they are found throughout the entire country. They will usually have some detail work in the stone and a modest amount of decoration.
Shingle Style: This is one of the most popular new home design styles in this area. They are similar in look to Colonial homes, but they use shingles to achieve a different look.
New Home Design Styles Boston
Art and Craft Style: A home design style that came about in the later part of the 19th century, these homes usually have low pitched roofs and overhanging eaves and use a mix of materials throughout the entire structure.
Second Empire: This is an elegant style that can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and usually contains some type of tower-like element.
Revival: A throwback to the Colonial style, typical Revival-style homes are two stories and have a symmetrical front with evenly spaced windows on either side of the doorway.

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