2014 Architectural Design Trends

It’s a new year and there are plenty of new 2014 architectural design trends on tap for this year. Boston Architect has some insight to share on these new trends.

Mixing and matching different elements of style is going to be one of the big 2014 architectural design trends. So you can pair up the tried-and-true with something a bit more unique and unusual. Think about mixing some minimalistic looks with looks that are more colorful and eclectic.

Neutral or more understated paint tones are definitely going to be one of the 2014 architectural design trends. Before, people usually wanted brighter and bolder colors, but nowadays trends are definitely shifting to more neutral tones, like ivory and eggshell.

Another one of the big 2014 architectural design trends will be using more natural materials for furniture and flooring. Think bamboo, leather, wood, etc. Furniture will have smoother and more modern-looking lines.

Have you heard of “flex rooms”? This is another one of the 2014 architectural design trends we’ll be seeing. These rooms are mostly used as bedrooms, but they can also be turned into rental units later on down the road.

Finally, yet another one of the big 2014 architectural design trends will be “passive rooms.” These rooms will be built with the environment in mind: they will use less energy, they may use wind power, they will use natural light and heat, and they might have radiant heat. They are quite popular in Europe and now the trend is catching on here in the United States.

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