5 Home Architectural Design Trends in Newton MA

The homes of tomorrow won’t be the same as those from yesteryear. Advances in materials and technologies are reshaping the way Newton homeowners want their homes to look. From floor plans changing to conform to the ways live change to shifts in the way homeowners perceive their home, home architectural design has certainly come a long way. As there are changes in architectural design, Newton homeowners will seek to design new, sleek dwellings.

Here are some trends in architectural design that are becoming more popular:


As we become more sensitive to the needs of the environment, architectural designs for Newton and other area homes will also become more eco-friendly or “green.” More building techniques are using materials that are simple and bio-degradable. Don’t think of these designs as primitive, however; these designs are comfortable, beautiful and cost friendly.


Appearances can be deceiving. A home in Newton that appears to be new might not be. It might have been adapted from an older structure. More and more, architectural designs are repurposing older structures, constructing new residences from outdated, empty or abandoned structures.


It’s well known how synthetic materials and chemical additives used in home building can impact one’s health. Therefore, more architectural designs are leaning toward creating homes that don’t rely on glues, laminates and plastics for construction.


Your Newton home should be a shelter from the storm, and be able to withstand the worst of Mother Nature. Knowing that homes need to be able to stand up against extreme winds, hail, rain and other impacts from nature, architectural designers are making more homes ready to stand up to the weather.


Homes in Newton shouldn’t be about just what serves you now, but what you’ll need in the years to come. What will be necessary for you to have in your home as you get older? Therefore, sunken living rooms, high cabinets and elaborate staircases are decreasing in popularity, while wide hallways and other mobility-friendly features are becoming more popular.

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